• St Mary's Church (map)
  • St Mary's Road
  • London
  • United Kingdom

A hour-long lunchtime concert in the beautiful surroundings of St Mary’s Church in Ealing, marking the debut performance of the newly formed The Oizys Ensemble. The concert is free and non-ticketed.

The Oiyzs Ensemble is a new chamber ensemble made up of nine London-based classical musicians, co-founded by Marcus Feld (composer), Alicia Chaffey (piano) and Katie Gilbert (voice). The ensembles’ aim is to help raise awareness of mental health issues, open up conversations and break the stigma through our performances and The Arts. The programme will combine music, the arts and mental health awareness, and will feature a new piece titled Vincent; which draws its inspiration from the paintings of Vincent van Gogh and the struggles that he had with his own mental health, written by American composer Marcus Feld. The programme will also include other music featuring composers who lived with mental health issues, such as Chopin and Schumann, as well as pieces that feature different dimensions of emotional experience.